Puku commences

FMCL Commences Strategic Partnership with Puku Ltd

Oct ’12, Jacqueline Ramsay announced that after several months of negotiation and planning, that the company had now finalised its strategic partnership with Aberdeen consultancy company Puku Ltd affective immediately.

Jacqueline stated that with this strategic partnership it allowed Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd (FMCL) to focus its sales and marketing activities in Research & Development, internal and customer Product Realisation and FMCL Product Sales, which are seen as important for the continued growth of the company.

Jacqueline stated that 2012 had seen several significant milestones in the companies aspirations within this arena, with it launching its first products to market, and ongoing development in place for further product launches within 2nd quarter of 2013. The company has also seen the continued R&D activities on behalf of Emerson Process Management Ltd – Daniel, which has seen in 2012 Fiscal Metering Consultants staff lodging 7 patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, with an additional 2 pending at time of announcement, ensuring that that Intellectual Property invented by FMCL staff is suitably protected and rights transferred to its prestigious multi-national customer.

Jacqueline emphasised that FMCL would continue to foster business relationships with its customers to allow it both to continue to develop its own internal product line, reacting to customer needs, and also continue to assist in customers own R&D programs, seeing these as pivotal to its continued growth.

The strategic partnership with Puku Ltd shall see the companies general metering consultancy business managed through Puku, allowing FMCL staff to co-ordinate with the increased pool of metering specialists available within Puku Ltd, and as such allow the company to better react to ongoing demands for these services which have also seen growth within the company since its formation.

Product Documentation Online

FMCL Puts Its Product Documentation Online

Aug ’12, the company requires to ensure that users of its products have access to various installation and safety material, and also requires to ensure that instructions are available for the safe disposal of its products at the end of product lifecycle.

While this information is included in a leaflet or manual when the product is dispatched from our premises, the company has modified its website to allow users to access all relevant product documentation at any time from our website.

In addition to providing datasheets, design, drawings, and installation and operation instructions available to all, the company has included information on its ROHS, REACH and WEEE compliance information available on the website.

The company has also added support for the online completion of equipment returns both for repairs (within or outwith warranty), and for disposal of equipment at end of life, to assist the company in achieving its environmental goals in waste management, through the use of reuse or recycling where practical of our specialist equipment.

Jacqueline Ramsay (Director, FMCL) explained that the introduction of these additional online facilities, were designed to complement the company’s existing facilities for customers to access and inspect our quality and environmental procedures and associated Key Performance Indicators through the website, and were designed to ensure that our customers could continue to access key information from out with our offices whenever they wished.

FMCL Offices

FMCL Acquires Premises
July ’12 – Director Jacqueline Ramsay announced that Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd had acquired additional premises at 104 Glasgow Road, Camelon.

Jacqueline explained that with the existing company registered office provided insufficient room for the various activities that the company was performing, and that the company wished to include a software lab to better support its continued research and development program.

FMCL have negotiated for the use of 104 Glasgow Road, which adjoins our existing Registered Office, and as such is ideal.

Director Jacqueline Ramsay stated that with the addition of these facilities, Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd was adding over 96 square metres of floor space as well as now being able to offer customer parking, which had been problematic after the redesign of the junction outside our premises.

The new facilities shall include a software lab, meeting room, kitchen facilities, additional toilets, as well as additional office space. Jacqueline advised that these facilities should be available by last quarter of 2012, and also confirmed that the company Registered Office would continue to operate from 106 Glasgow Road.

BMS Now Online

FMCL Business Management System Now Available Online

Apr ’12, Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd launches a major initiative, instigated by its Director, to provide its business management system policies and procedures online via the internet.

The website has had user login facilities added, such that the public website can offer multiple persona depending upon the credentials of the user logging in.

Jacqueline Ramsay (Director, FMCL) explained that due to the nature of FMCL business, its staff could often be on customer sites either onshore or offshore, and that as part of the company’s Health, Safety & Environmental Management System, it was essential that staff could access the companies policies and procedures regardless of their work location. While customer sites usually had very comprehensive safety systems in place such as permit to work etc, the FMCL Health, Safety & Environment System must be available to staff to ensure that the staff could access our own systems regardless of their work location.

By making the whole FMCL Business Management System available online, obviously this ensures that staff can also access other policies and procedures including our quality system, ethics and conduct, travel policies and procedures etc.

Access to the FMCL Business Management System requires login, with certain documents non-secured such as our Quality and Health, Safety & Environment Policies. The Director further explained that by making the system available online, it was the intention that where customers wished to review our Quality or Health, Safety & Environment systems, then a suitable login could be provided and as such offering transparency to our customers, including access to our Insurance Certificates for clients/staff at remote work locations.

Finally, the website also allows company Key Performance Indicators covering Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Human Resources to be made publicly available allowing stakeholders to monitor our performance against targets.

Puku Ltd

FMCL Negotiates Strategic Partnership with Puku Ltd

Mar ‘12, Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd announced that it has been in discussions with Puku Ltd for the formation of a Strategic Partnership between the companies.

Puku Ltd, an Aberdeen based company offers innovative flow measurement engineering and consultancy services.

Jacqueline Ramsay (Director, FMCL) stated that Fiscal Metering  Consultants Ltd had decided to offer its engineering services through Puku Ltd, due to the synergy in the two businesses, and highlighted that this allowed FMCL access to offices and facilities in Aberdeen, and the wider pool of expertise already available within the Puku Ltd organisation.

The Director advised that the Strategic Partnership between Puku and Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd did not include the companies important Product and Research & Development activities, both for the company, or where conducted for other customers, and that these would continue to be managed and co-ordinated directly by Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd, emphasising that the strategic partnership only extended to its consultancy services activities, and that this partnership allowed the company to provide better focus on its strategic aims in the R&D / product development areas.

The Director advised that a date of 1st October had been agreed for the commencement of this Strategic Partnership.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

FMCL Supplies Emerson Next Generation CBM Package

Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd delivered the next generation online condition based monitoring system, with Shell Bacton selected as the Beta site.

Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd had been selected for the upgrade of the existing Emerson CBM product, due to Lawson Ramsay being the original creator of the package while working for Emerson.

This next generation ultrasonic online condition based monitoring package includes multiple innovative advancements, with FMCL providing details to Emerson for multiple patent applications, and as such not capable of being disclosed at this time.

Installation was successfully performed by FMCL staff on the Beta site, after extensive testing by Emerson and Shell at Emerson’s Stirling facilities.

Gary Collister, Software & Controls Manager, Emerson Process Management, Daniel stated

“The new CBM analysis package from FMCL is an excellent advert for their innovation and technical competence.”

Environmental protection

Environmental Spend Per Employee Exceeds National Average

Nov  ‘11 – Jacqueline Ramsay (Director, FMCL) announced that the company in its business year FY10/11 spend approximately £1,560 / employee on environmental protection measures to help reduce its environmental footprint.

This exceeds the National Average spend by companies per employee according to its 2010 Defra Survey results (www.defra.gov.uk/statistics/environment/environmental-survey/survey-results ), which indicates that an average of £1,096 / employee within those companies which responded to the survey.

The Director further announced that the company had a goal of continuing to exceed that the National Average spend for the next four years, stating that Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd is committed to ensuring the highest standards of Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E), and that as part of its Environmental Policy the company was committed to ensuring that it

  • Operates the business in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of the  surrounding environment.
  • To use where practical the latest technology to develop sound environmentally conscious means of providing our services.
  • To integrate environmental issues into our decision making, whilst recognising that business concerns might affect the course of action.
  • Where practical to reduce or eliminate pollution.
  • To continually look for ways to improve our business and reduce our environmental impact.
  • All employees should be personally involved in energy conservation and in the prevention of pollution.
  • Each individual has a legal obligation to take care for his or her own health and safety, and for the safety of other people who may be affected by his or her acts or omissions.
  • Provide training in the use of environmentally conscious practices, recognising that no matter what employees roles are, they are also responsible for protecting the environment.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements related to our operations.
  • To set and achieve our environmental objectives.

The Director emphasised that within its corporate values ( SPECIAL),  it was imperative that the company was a good neighbour and citizen in the community, and that the company was operating an environmental management system in accordance with ISO14001, to ensure that it continued to meet this key corporate value.

Emerson Awards CBM Contract

FMCL Staff Selected for Continued R&D of Ultrasonic Online Condition Based Monitoring

Oct  ‘11 – Jacqueline Ramsay (Director, FMCL) announced that the company had been awarded a contract by Emerson Process Management, Daniel for the continued development of Emerson’s Online Condition Based Monitoring Package.

Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd was uniquely placed for this work, with its staff responsible for the original development of the Emerson package. The contract will see FMCL staff research data obtained from sites, and evaluate inter-relationships and characteristics of the ultrasonic, and offer improvements in the package based on this analysis and user feedback received to date.

Lawson Ramsay shall lead this development work, and shall then assist by installing the new version on a Beta site to allow the continued advancement of this important Emerson product, as well as identifying material within the research performed which may be patentable, and assisting Emerson in obtaining patents where deemed appropriate.

Happy Birthday

FMCL Sees A Successful First Year’s Trading
Sept  ‘11 – Jacqueline Ramsay (Director, FMCL) announced that the company had now been trading successfully for  a year. Jacqueline emphasised that the continued success of the company relied on FMCL continuing to adhere to its quality policy which states:-

“It is the policy of Fiscal Metering Consultants, to provide its customers with a high quality service. The overall policy of the company is to provide the people, organization and resources to supply our customers with the products and services that satisfy their requirement in every respect. Furthermore it is Fiscal Metering Consultants policy to continually improve our quality by monitoring, measuring and enhancing our Quality and Procedural System.”

Jacqueline also took the opportunity to emphasise to staff the continuing need for staff to assist the company in achieving its key values:-

Safety The Company and its employees must operate safely.
People We respect one another, recognising that success depends upon the commitment, capabilities and diversity of our employees
Environment We are a good neighbour and citizen in the community.
Creative We anticipate change and respond with innovative solutions. We are agile and responsive to the changing needs of stakeholders and embrace learning opportunities from our experiences around the world.
Integrity We are ethical and trustworthy in our relationships with all stakeholders.
Accountable We are responsible for our actions, and ensure that these are always of a nature that would not cause embarrassment to the company if it was public knowledge.
Leadership Our “can do” spirit delivers top performance. We encourage teamwork, collaboration, celebrate success and build and nurture long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships.

FMCL Expands

FMCL Increases Staff

Aug  ‘11 – Jacqueline Ramsay (Director, FMCL) announced that the company, having traded successfully for almost a year, had reached the point where additional staff were required due to the success of the company.

As such the company has appointed an additional member of staff, Jamie Hicks. Jamie joins the company having obtained a distinction in his further education in IT.  Jamie shall be joining the company to assist in its various software activities.