Eco-Design Policy

The EC directive 2009/125/EC requires that certain energy-related products must meet eco-design requirements. These aim to improve the products’ environmental performance throughout their lifecycle by integration of environmental aspects at a very early stage in the product design. While only certain products are legislatively controlled under the above Directive, Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd has a responsibility to consider the environmental impacts of its products, even where they are not currently covered by the legislation, and to develop sound environmentally conscious means of providing our services as defined within our Health, Safety & Environmental Policy.

There are ten core environmental considerations at the heart of Eco-Design:-

  • Using materials with less environmental impact
  • Using fewer materials overall in the manufacturing of the product
  • Using fewer resources during the manufacturing process
  • Producing less pollution and waste
  • Reducing the environmental impacts from distributing products
  • Ensuring that products use fewer resources when they are used by the customer
  • Ensuring that products cause less waste and pollution when in use
  • Optimising the function of the product and ensuring most sustainable service life
  • Making reuse and recycling easier
  • Reducing the environmental impact of disposal.

FMCL utilises the following symbol to indicate those products for which an eco-design report has been prepared:-