FMCL Launches the Protocol Framer

On 30th June 2012 Jacqueline Ramsay (Director, FMCL) announced the introduction of the FMCL-9000 Protocol Framer, which would be available for sale with immediate effect.

Jacqueline explained that the Protocol Framer had been developed by the company to address a problem with Modbus devices where inter-character gaps exceeded the rules for a Modbus frame, and as such resulted in intermittent or no communications. She further explained that while developed for Modbus/RTU, it was also suitable for any other protocols where strict timing requirements existed, and was ideally suited for legacy systems interfacing with newer Ethernet technology, modems or similar.

The Director further stated that with the introduction of the FMCL-9000, this had allowed the company to commence the creation of a portfolio of niche, specialised devices, equipment and software solutions, designed to the high availability, tolerances, standards and expectations required by the Oil & Gas Industry, and demonstrated the company’s on-going commitment to research and development as one of its key business activities.

Jacqueline further advised that other R&D activities were still actively on-going, and that she hoped to be in a position to announce further additions to the company’s portfolio in the fourth quarter of 2012, and that these would allow the company to begin to establish itself as a provider of key equipment and tools to assist metering system suppliers, integrators and end-users with the testing, commissioning, troubleshooting and on-going maintenance of metering electronics.