Company Formation

Sept ’10, Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd (FMCL) was formed, with Jacqueline Ramsay acting as Director. The company was the brain child of Lawson Ramsay, who previously had over two decades working at Daniel, both in Engineering and Managerial positions.

Lawson recognised that expertise in metering design as well as national and international standards/requirements were being lost within the industry as people retired, and that more oil and gas companies were also subcontracting projects to third party companies who did not necessarily have the depth of experience or manpower to adequately cater for the fiscal metering niche, and as such were becoming more reliant on the fiscal metering suppliers to provide this expertise.

Consequently Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd has been created to provide an independent consultative business which can be used both by fiscal metering suppliers, and also by oil and gas companies and their selected third parties to provide independent advice, design, review and engineering services for metering systems

Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd shall specialise in research and development and also offers general metering, consultative, engineering, factory witnessing or commissioning services.  With Lawson Ramsay’s experience, the company has extensive worldwide experience of metering requirements and standards and shall be able to offer these to our customers.