FMCL Expands to Norwegian Market

Early in May 2012, Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd took the decision to perform business in the important Norwegian Sector, and as such in consultation with in-country Norwegian specialists, registered the company to allow it to trade in the Norwegian market.

The Director has appointed Lawson Ramsay as General Manager, Norwegian Business to ensure that the company capitalises on the vast Norwegian Sector potential, which is seen as key to the continued growth of the company. The company shall continue to trade as Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd within the Norwegian market and has registered with Brønnøysundregistrene, and setup Norwegian Bank accounts to allow trading in Norwegian Krone (NOK) for its Norwegian customers.

Lawson Ramsay stated that it was well known in the industry, that Norway is a demanding market, which desires state of art equipment and solutions, and that the typical Norwegian client’s personnel were usually technically astute and experienced, and as expected similar high standards from potential suppliers.

He went on to further state that if FMCL were successful in its business dealings in Norway, this would ensure that the company was well positioned for further expansion into other important geographic areas in the future.