FMCL Acquires Premises
July ’12 – Director Jacqueline Ramsay announced that Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd had acquired additional premises at 104 Glasgow Road, Camelon.

Jacqueline explained that with the existing company registered office provided insufficient room for the various activities that the company was performing, and that the company wished to include a software lab to better support its continued research and development program.

FMCL have negotiated for the use of 104 Glasgow Road, which adjoins our existing Registered Office, and as such is ideal.

Director Jacqueline Ramsay stated that with the addition of these facilities, Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd was adding over 96 square metres of floor space as well as now being able to offer customer parking, which had been problematic after the redesign of the junction outside our premises.

The new facilities shall include a software lab, meeting room, kitchen facilities, additional toilets, as well as additional office space. Jacqueline advised that these facilities should be available by last quarter of 2012, and also confirmed that the company Registered Office would continue to operate from 106 Glasgow Road.