KPI Dashboard (Public)
FMCL monitors various Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as part of its Business Management System and the KPI Dashboard is made available to stakeholders, including non-proprietary extracts from the company internal KPI Dashboard. This allows stakeholders to monitor companies progress towards its goals. The KPI may also form the basis of charitable contributions based on targets identified by management.

Customer Satisfaction KPI

Product Quality:
Supplier Management Delivery:
Innovation & Improvement:
Service Quality:
Installation & Commisioning:
Project Management:
Health & Safety:
Commercial Management:
Planning & Delivery:
Skills, Competence & Training:
Customer Interface:
Customer Satisfaction is key to the continued growth of the company, and as such feedback, such as obtained from questionnaires sent to all customers for all projects is continually monitored, to determine if systemic failures in the company Business Management System, or if any there are other causes for concern. Feedback also allows improvement to be monitored and allows the establishment of company long term targeted improvements.

Environmental KPI

FMCL monitors its energy consumption, and calculated CO2 emissions, and has established targets for reduction in both, as part of its responsibilities as defined within its Health, Safety and Environment Policy. In order to establish these reductions the company has allocated Environment Protection Expenditure (EPE) budgets for the next 4 years which exceed the National Average spent by companies on EPE. FMCL EPE budget expenditure for current year is fixed, and includes CO2 offsetting charges for previous year CO2 emissions. Future years budgets include estimated CO2 emission offsetting charges, and as such are revised annually as actual CO2 offsetting charge data becomes available. FMCL shall ensure that any such revision in expenditure ensures that FMCL continues to spend more than the National Average until 2015 at which point a further assessment and commitment shall be made.
Health & Safety KPI

As part of its Health, Safety & Environment Business Management System, the company monitors many performance indicators, which help determine the overall effectiveness of its HS&E System. Selected Key Performance Indicators are included here to allow the HS&E System to be continually monitored.


Human Resource KPIStaff safety and well being are of great importance to FMCL, since it wishes to ensure that it continues to attract key personnel and blue chip companies to work with FMCL. A proportionate split of R&D type activities and more general engineering also ensures that its personnel are at the cutting edge of the industry.

Training KPI

FMCL prides itself of the skills and knowledge of its personnel. However it also recognises that continued training is required to ensure that its staff are best equipped for the range of activities which the company performs. As such the company monitors the training activities of its personnel, and includes training plans within its staff appraisal system, to further the capabilities of its staff.