FMCL Commences Strategic Partnership with Puku Ltd

Oct ’12, Jacqueline Ramsay announced that after several months of negotiation and planning, that the company had now finalised its strategic partnership with Aberdeen consultancy company Puku Ltd affective immediately.

Jacqueline stated that with this strategic partnership it allowed Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd (FMCL) to focus its sales and marketing activities in Research & Development, internal and customer Product Realisation and FMCL Product Sales, which are seen as important for the continued growth of the company.

Jacqueline stated that 2012 had seen several significant milestones in the companies aspirations within this arena, with it launching its first products to market, and ongoing development in place for further product launches within 2nd quarter of 2013. The company has also seen the continued R&D activities on behalf of Emerson Process Management Ltd – Daniel, which has seen in 2012 Fiscal Metering Consultants staff lodging 7 patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, with an additional 2 pending at time of announcement, ensuring that that Intellectual Property invented by FMCL staff is suitably protected and rights transferred to its prestigious multi-national customer.

Jacqueline emphasised that FMCL would continue to foster business relationships with its customers to allow it both to continue to develop its own internal product line, reacting to customer needs, and also continue to assist in customers own R&D programs, seeing these as pivotal to its continued growth.

The strategic partnership with Puku Ltd shall see the companies general metering consultancy business managed through Puku, allowing FMCL staff to co-ordinate with the increased pool of metering specialists available within Puku Ltd, and as such allow the company to better react to ongoing demands for these services which have also seen growth within the company since its formation.