Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd is an independent, innovative flow measurement engineering consultancy company. We provide flow measurement engineering and consultancy services for fiscal, multiphase, allocation, process flow and environmental measurement in the upstream oil and gas production and petrochemical industries and our metering expertise means we are equipped to produce results which meet your requirements.

Services Include

  • Flow Metering¬†Metering systems must meet standards laid down by regulatory authorities, pipeline operator and processing plant operators. As specialist expertise allows us to support you through all stages of the metering project, from feasibility to acceptance, and ensures that all the statutory and contractual obligations are met on new or modified metering systems.
  • Auditing capital As the amount of third-party involvement in oil and gas fields, platforms, pipelines and onshore processing facilities increases, there is a growing need for independent audits of client and third-party metering facilities. We can support you by assisting your offshore personnel during audit visits, audits of third-party interest and ¬†internal audits of your own metering facilities.
  • Documentation There is a statutory requirement for all operators to produce documentation covering the fiscal metering systems. our documentation make submission easy, drawing on our extensive experience in the industry, we understand what is required to deliver high quality, comprehensive reports that mutual needs.
  • Measurement We provide a complete range of services, covering the flow measurement of individual meter stations for and oil gas fiscal space custody transfer and allocation purposes. Services include independent audits, consultancy services and uncertainty studies. Our close attention to all aspects of the meter station instrumentation leads to minimal measurement bias and associated financial exposure.
  • Turnkey Engineered Solutions While many of our customers utilise our services to complement their own internal project and / or operation resources on a consultancy basis, we can also offer turnkey engineered solutions. While many Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies are available, these companies infrastructure is not well suited to smaller scale projects, especially where these are specialist in nature such as those associated with metering upgrades. As such being metering specialists, we are well suited for upgrades such as replacement of obsolete / unsatisfactory metering electronic systems, adding extra metering to existing installations, changes in metering capacity or method, new qualitative measurement requirements such as analysers or sampler systems, as well as metering upgrades due to plan or legislative¬†changes.