The WEEE Directive is one of a small number of European Directives that implement the principle of “extended producer responsibility”. Under this principle, producers are required to take financial responsibility for the environmental impact of the products that they place on the market, specifically when those products become waste. It seeks to reduce the amount of such waste going to landfill by encouraging separate collection and subsequent treatment, re-use, recovery, recycling and environmentally sound disposal. The scope covers a wide range of products intended for household and/or commercial use that are dependent on electrical currents or electromagnetic fields to work properly.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations aim to reduce the environmental impacts of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) when it reaches the end of its life. Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd must comply with the WEEE Regulations when it manufactures, imports, rebrands, distributes or disposes of EEE.

Not all equipment produced by FMCL may be covered by this legislation, since components for inclusion within fixed installations etc may not be appropriate. As such FMCL performs a classification of all products to determine if the WEEE directive is appropriate.

However, it is FMCL policy that all equipment will be accompanied with a WEEE  Compliance Certificate, which identifies if the article is covered under the WEEE regulations. Articles covered by WEEE impose certain requirements for its disposal, and place responsibilities on our customer to correctly handle the waste, and for FMCL to follow the waste hierarchy:-

For articles which has been deemed to fall outwith the legislation and as such could be disposed of in normal commercial waste, we would encourage our customers to consider the environment and dispose of this equipment in an environmentally sensitive way with other electrical and electronic waste.

Where the customer has no facilities for such environmentally sensitive disposal, we would encourage the customer to send the items back to Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd. While the customer would be responsible for the cost of return of the items to our premises, Fiscal Metering Consultants Ltd would not charge for the reuse, recycle or sensitive disposal of the items

To return EEE, whether it is controlled under the WEEE Directive or not before sending the articles to our premises, please complete the RMA Request (WEEE) Form and obtain approval for its return. Waste Contractors may also wish to use this service to ensure the waste hierarchy is correctly followed. Alternatively instructions for waste contractors are provided on the download page for each individual product.